“I can’t stand the location of blood!”

We’ve all heard that adage. Blood can provoke emotional reactions from even steely muscle-bound bodybuilders. We gastroenterologists routinely obtain fearful telephone calls from sufferers who’ve noticed even minor rectal bleeding. Fortuitously, in most of those instances, there’s a benign clarification for the sanguinary seepage.

If blood repels you, then gastroenterology shouldn’t be in your brief, and even lengthy checklist of professions into consideration. We confront blood day-after-day. After all, blood is the elixir of life because it programs into each distant recess of our our bodies. However, when blood loses its bearings, takes a incorrect flip, and emerges errantly from our gastrointestinal tract, then gastroenterologists — or G-men — are referred to as in. Certainly, seeking out the location of blood leakage in sufferers is one in every of our main diagnostic duties. You would possibly say that blood is our “bread and butter.”

I not too long ago evaluated a affected person in my workplace that defied me and my workers. Collectively, we’ve got seen 1000’s of instances of inside bleeding, and but we had by no means seen such a case as this earlier than. Will our discovery be a recreation changer in my specialty? Ought to I publish this case in a medical journal to alert different practitioners of our groundbreaking discovery? Ought to I begin out on the lecture circuit?

Listed below are the information.

A younger girl underwent a colonoscopy in my workplace to guage stomach ache and different digestive complaints. There was no rectal bleeding. But, in the course of the colonoscopy, there was blood all through her colon, a completely surprising discovering. Now, we physicians are educated to take care of surprising eventualities, however we’re as stunned as anybody after we confront an unanticipated state of affairs. We like stuff to make sense. Immediately, I wanted so as to add diagnostic concerns to clarify this stunning discovering. I assiduously searched with my scope for the origin of the bleeding, however I couldn’t establish any lesion.

At that second, I noticed what should have occurred. This affected person, towards our directions, should have combined the laxative with a crimson beverage, which was now masquerading as blood. I smugly shared this speculation with my workers and dispatched a nurse out to the ready room to ask the mom about pertinent laxative particulars. The nurse returned informing us that the affected person combined the laxative with a blue beverage. My smugness evaporated. What is occurring right here?

After the affected person was recovering and awake, we inquired about any ingestions that she didn’t beforehand disclose. At that second, she provided a full confession. At midnight, she reached for a snack that we are going to now add to the checklist of forbidden meals previous to present process a colonoscopy. Thriller solved.

We thought-about having her put on a scarlet letter as penance for her culinary sin.

Michael Kirsch is a gastroenterologist who blogs at MD Whistleblower.

Picture credit score: Michael Kirsch

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