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Stop the war against patients with intractable pain

An open letter to doctors still prescribing opioid medication when necessary: Thank you so much for standing up for us pain patients. My chronic pain comes from a genetic connective tissue disorder (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome), so there is no treatment or cure for my slow, but relentless, physical deterioration as the collagen holding my body together...

Forget what you’ve heard. Direct primary care is here to stay.

Much has been written in recent weeks about the failure of direct primary care giant and pioneer Qliance. Much of the conversation has examined the reasons for their closing and the negative impact it will have on the direct primary care movement. Questions have been raised about the longevity of the movement, with many...

Are pharma gifts to doctors a red herring?

Physicians are influenced by marketing. That's no surprise. So are most consumers, as evidenced by television and radio commercials, billboards, pop up ads and targeted ads for drugs on your computer screen. Big Pharma markets not only to physicians, but also directly to consumers. In a recent Washington Post op-ed, Dr. Nicole Van Gronigen made...

Health reform: It’s time for Congress to grow up and do their jobs

Health – /helTH/ – The state of being free from illness or injury Care – /ker/ – The provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, and protection of someone or something. System – /’sistəm/ – A set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network. It’s not keeping us Healthy,...

Health reform should simplify our health system. Here are some ideas.

We are a nation divided. Our two major political parties agree on essentially nothing. Republicans cannot agree even amongst themselves how to proceed on health care reform. It is demoralizing that even though U.S. health care has sunken to last among developed nations, our elected leaders are unable to envision or agree upon...

Physician spouse speaks out against dangers of prescription opioids

The impact of the opioid crisis struck home within the Missouri physician community on Dec. 15, 2014. That’s the day when, just two months shy of his 30th birthday, Derek succumbed to an opioid overdose. The news was devastating for his mother, Kelly O’Leary, a longtime volunteer with the St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society...

It’s the little issues that may make or break the doctor-patient relationship

“The dermatology occupation exists for the first goal of caring for the affected person. The physician-patient relationship is the central focus of all moral considerations.” - American Academy of Dermatology, Code of Medical Ethics. The doctor-patient relationship is one in every of profound significance and complexity. And whereas medical doctors in coaching usually...

The madness of American well being care costs performed out on this one, actual oncology appointment

The oncologist had prescribed Xgeva hoping it might strengthen her bones whereas additionally delaying the development of Angela Kahn's breast most cancers. However Kahn (a pseudonym) could not recover from the value of the drug. Earlier than the oncologist had an opportunity to ask how she was feeling, she blurted out that the...

Why cataract surgical treatment is a lot more challenging compared to it must be

Eye surgical treatment is a fragile organisation. It includes running within an orb the dimension of a big marble to get rid of a cataract or fix a retinal detachment. Not just is fantastic eye-hand sychronisation a must, yet likewise an understanding of the myriad various other clinical concerns in the senior populace most looking...

How pharmacists misplaced management of their career and why you need to care

An excerpt from The Pharmacist is a Whore: How Pharmacists Misplaced Management of Their Occupation and Why You Ought to Care. The day sufferers turned clients was a black day for us all. Don’t get me unsuitable, pharmacy has all the time been a service career, and we take that ...Learn extra...Your sufferers are ranking...


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