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What patients can teach doctors about rare diseases

Having a chronic disease can be frustrating, especially when the patient seems to know more than the doctor. Unfortunately, this situation may be familiar to the millions of Americans suffering from a rare disease. In June, I had the unique experience of attending a convention for patients and health care providers to learn about...

What Other Diseases "Masquerade" as Rheumatoid Arthritis? Part 1 – The Non-Infectious Group

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is the most common form of inflammatory arthritis and affects more than 2 million Americans. The diagnosis is not easy to make in many instances. There are more than 100 different kinds of arthritis. Most of them involve inflammation. When a patient goes to a rheumatologist to get a diagnosis, there...

Exactly what it indicates for you

The authorization by the Food as well as Drug Administrationof 23andMe'sBRCAexamination is bound to produce a conversation regarding the benefits as well as challenges of straight to customer hereditary screening for cancer cells danger. It is likewise mosting likely to fan to an expanding fire regarding exactly how we as a country evaluate hereditary dangers...

Causes of Water Retention – 10 Common Reasons For Swelling of the Body

Water retention is a common health problem that greatly affects the day to day activities of the sufferers. Water retention - medically referred to as edema - is the accumulation of excess fluid that leaks into the body tissues. The leakage will lead to swelling in all over the body (generalized swelling) or more...

The numerous methods to explain chest ache

There are a minimum of 50 phrases within the Eskimo languages for snow, 25 in mainstream Swedish, and supposedly 180 or so within the Sami language of the nomadic inhabitants of the northernmost elements of Norway, Sweden, and Finland. However there are much more phrases than that for “chest ache” amongst my sufferers, lots...

A story of two opioid addicts

There’s no disputing that the opioid disaster has change into a public well being emergency in the US. And never a day goes by when well being care suppliers don’t encounter some side of this epidemic. Far too usually, the point out of dependancy spurns photographs of homelessness, back-alley offers and crime. Whereas...

Superstar suicides make the irony of our period clear

These latest weeks have been laborious for me, and I think for lots of different folks as nicely. Not as a result of I spent it in a board overview course listening to lectures for 12 hours a day, and never as a result of I drank sufficient espresso to virtually burn a...

An orthopedic surgeon’s tackle the e-scooter craze

Various main cities have seen shared e-scooters, or electrical scooters, take over their streets. It is definitely standard with the riders, however it's creating waves with plenty of critics as properly. In Portland, Oregon, there are 4 corporations trialing the scooters over a several-month interval.  Driving round my metropolis, I discover that we're...

A breakdown of your pathology report

I am a pathologist and the primary approach I talk to the surface world — to your physician and in the end to you, the affected person is through the pathology report. However the quick missives I ship from behind the microscope lack any pleasure and may fall in need of full communication. Right...

No extra excuses for psychological well being: Expertise presents new hope for intervening early

Psychological sickness is perhaps smarter than us. It appears to have found out easy methods to get round asking for our permission and as a substitute to beg for forgiveness as soon as injury to operate and well being already has been accomplished. That’s the one solution to clarify the next: it takes not...


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