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Almost every day there is a new revelation about men committing horrible, criminal, bizarre, or nauseating acts of sexual misconduct. Harassment and assault seem to be rampant. The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have illuminated the vast scope of...
The modern news cycle’s obsession with all things Trump has moved light years beyond dispiriting with cacophonous reams of vitriol shoveled endlessly back and forth. One could opt out, I suppose, and simply take an elongated holiday from all...
There is peanut butter on the doorknob. Coffee cup in one hand, I stumble after my 17 month-old who is chattering away Mogwai-style, and quickly wipe my other greasy hand on my pajama pants. I ensure that she is...
The final year of any residency is a time of accelerated independence, moonlighting, and an intense search for that first job as an attending. This decision is critical as one embarks on a life-long career in medicine, and...
This week I had some particularly emotionally tough cases at work, and it got me thinking about life in general and how, in spite of having a tough job, I have learned so much from it. When I think...
I was fortunate enough to be able to go to my friend’s wedding in Indianapolis in October. My three-year-old son called it “India with Apples.” This is a friend that I’ve known since I was in first grade,...
After reading “13 things every doctor wants their patients to know,” here are 13 more things good doctors wish their patients knew. 1. We need the complete truth. I feel for patients who hesitate to reveal something embarrassing. But...
There’s an interesting article in the Journal of Hospital Medicine on what to do when a patient wants to leave the hospital against medical advice. After reading and rereading it, I had to disagree with the conclusion, but it took...
As a private practice specialist in an affluent metropolitan area, I am often inundated with requests for consultation by local residents and primary physicians. That’s fine — it’s what I do, and it’s what I enjoy doing. Hey,...
I spent considerable time after college working in academic labs being indoctrinated with the theory that publication is the currency of academic value and that researchers should always want to have their work printed in the journal most cited by other...


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