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A physician remembers his son’s birth plan

Did this delivery go according to the birth plan?  It did, until this physician received the hospital bill. Brad Nieder is a physician and...

Does the high-risk psychiatric patient pose a risk for the patient or the doctor?

A woman recently requested a medication evaluation at the suggestion of her psychotherapist.  The caller told me her diagnosis was borderline personality disorder. She...

When an erythrocyte sedimentation rate leads to a serious diagnosis

In Sweden, back when I trained, three blood tests were the “routine labs” done at most doctor visits: hemoglobin, white blood cell count, and...

5 ways to get out of the physician burnout black hole

Practicing medicine with all of its responsibilities often reminds me of a black hole. It seems each time something new is added it...

PTSD can happen at the end of life

Sheila’s jaw is clenched. Sweat is beading on her forehead. I make a slow audible inhale, non-verbally inviting her to do the same. We’ve...

Are family physicians the best weapon against opioid crisis?

As the national opioid crisis takes center stage, I want to make a case for the authority of the family physician in managing...

Doctors and patients are drowning in data. What can be done about it?

Too much data, big and small. Every morning when I log onto our electronic health record, one group of messages are from patients with...

Having access to health care saved this patient’s life

  Now more than ever, health insurance is a staple story in the 24-hour news cycle. Opinions vary widely on the issue, as do politician’s...

A physician’s mixed feelings about clinical pathways

As the kids say, it’s complicated. Practicing physicians are seeing an ever increasing list of protocols and pathways coming their way. These arrive in...
types disorders

Personality disorders- What different types are there?

What different types are there? Psychiatrists tend to use a system of diagnosis which identifies 10 types disorders : Paranoid personality disorder You may: find it hard...


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