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Make more than your spouse? Here’s how to save money on taxes.

The only time my husband outearned me was during our first three years of marriage when I was still in residency and working...

An emergency physician travels to Puerto Rico. Here’s what she saw.

“In Puerto Rico, we call those plants morir vivir,” said a patient who sat by the side of the road while we checked...

How to stay out of the ER this holiday season: advice from an emergency...

The holiday season is stressful enough without having to try to fit a visit to the emergency department (ED) in your schedule. Getting...

Recognize the many accomplishments of black men in medicine: #BlackMenInMedicine

There were fewer black men enrolling in medical school in 2014 than in 1978. In a world where the first black president of the...

Sometimes not doing surgery makes you a better surgeon

Having been surgically trained and surgically-minded, I've had expression ingrained in my psyche such as "a chance to cut is a chance to...

Health care professionals need balance

There are highs and lows in doing any job and throughout one’s career. The highs, and the possibility of highs, can often overpower...

Compassion and empathy can solve so many of the pains that arrive in the...

There she was — compassion. It had been so long since I had caught sight of her, I wasn’t sure at first if...

It’s time to stop prejudging your patients

Recently I had an interaction online with a physician regarding his thoughts on ADHD treatment. (Let’s call him Dr. Stigma). This post is...

Physicians must embrace the business side of medicine

“Does physician leadership matter?” asks cardiologist and author Dr. Sandeep Jauhar in his New York Times opinion piece “Shouldn’t Doctors Control Hospital Care?”...

Doctors can buy happiness by buying time

While enjoying good incomes, physicians and other health care providers chronically suffer from a lack of time. Between scheduled clinical work and being...


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