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Dismiss the ideal of perfection

A few weeks ago, my ​program ​​hosted a lecture series that focused on patient safety. One lecturer truly caught my attention. He chose...

Here’s what happens when the doctor becomes the patient

What is a doctor? Technically speaking, a doctor is a person that dedicates his or her knowledge and skills to the prevention and...

10 things a doctor’s wife wants you to know

1. This is a calling. Physicians do not typically start out undeclared, drink through a couple of semesters and randomly apply to med...

Don’t to forget to walk in your patients’ shoes

With summer vacations over and school back in session, I should have gotten up earlier. The usually tough morning commute into Columbus was...

Want to stay in shape during residency? Here’s how.

How many times have you heard resident physicians say that they do not have time to exercise and get in shape? When looking...

If you are in medicine, talk to someone about your fears and doubts today

I failed a test in medical school. I got my score back and there it was: 57%. I wasn’t even close. I felt shocked,...

How a nurse helped this doctor find joy in medicine

With clinician burnout, depression, resilience and joy in practice so prominent in the primary care literature lately, I have been reflecting on my...

What does it mean to say, “We want to live?”

How often have I heard those words or some version of them? The location of the conversations varies. I might be standing outside...

Even after Hurricane Harvey, laughter is the best medicine

Twelve years ago on August 29th, Hurricane Katrina ruined our childhood home in New Orleans. My parents evacuated last minute and were not...

Physicians and magicians are not as different as you think

We all know what, in 1888, Rudyard Kipling pronounced to be the world’s oldest profession. But what’s the world’s second oldest? Hunter-gatherer? Nah,...


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