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To Paxil, with love

In 1994, Penguin Books printed what would change into a nationwide bestseller titled, Listening to Prozac written by Dr. Peter Kramer, a Scientific Professor of Psychiatry at Brown College on the time. All through the guide, he debates the ethics of "beauty pharmacology" a time period related to the transformation of persona traits...

Explore the behavioral factors behind antibiotic misuse

None of us wants to live in a world without access to lifesaving antibiotics. No patient should be subject to an allergic reaction or organ dysfunction from these drugs. No one wants to contract a potentially deadly form of diarrhea, claiming roughly 30,000 lives a year in the U.S., that can take hold after antibiotics wipe...

Why ought to well being care professionals care about gun management?

On March 24th, one of many largest demonstrations for gun management in U.S. historical past occurred throughout the nation. Represented on the March for Our Lives have been a various group of organizations and other people, together with younger individuals affected by college shootings throughout the nation, dad and mom who've misplaced youngsters...

Wellness equity is the absent worth in value-based repayments

The method medical professionals and also health centers are paid is undertaking a silent and also fast change in an effort to boost and also regulate prices health and wellness results. Federal payers are driving this modification from fee-for-service repayments to compensations based upon top quality results and also dimensions of scientific procedures. This...

10 pointers to assist individuals with benzodiazepine withdrawal

As medical professionals, we are professionals at recommending medicines. We usually stop working badly when it comes to acknowledging unfavorable responses and also tapering medicines. It's something that is merely doing not have in our clinical training. I have actually come to be a sufferer of this with benzodiazepines, as I described in a...

Just what is the best fee-for-service system?

It is hugely prominent to claim that the principal perpetrator in the United States healthcare system is the conventional fee-for-service settlement system, which compensates doctors for quantity yet not top quality, resulting in high-cost, low-grade healthcare. It apparently complies with that the solution is a system of "value-based" repayments. In spite of the appeal of...

Discovering a brand new physician is like courting

I agree wholeheartedly with a submit by Annahieta Kalantari expressing the concept discovering a brand new doctor job is like courting. A affected person on the lookout for a brand new MD might be simply as unsure, unnerving, intimidating and irritating. First, you hear the dreaded phrases from a receptionist, typically sorrowfully saying, “I’m...

Combat gun violence with science

It's well-known that smoking cigarettes negatively impacts well being and results in an elevated threat of stroke, coronary heart illness, lung most cancers and loss of life. Nobody debates this anymore. But it surely wasn’t at all times this manner, and it didn’t come simply. Within the 1940s, virtually half of the inhabitants in the...

Are patients really the problem?

"Doctors are not the problem. Patients are." Anyone who has ever thought the above statement is true has not tapped into the vast well of knowledge and intellect found in their own patients. Training patients to be better patients brings the joy of medicine back into your practice. All of us, at one time or another,...

Stop the war against patients with intractable pain

An open letter to doctors still prescribing opioid medication when necessary: Thank you so much for standing up for us pain patients. My chronic pain comes from a genetic connective tissue disorder (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome), so there is no treatment or cure for my slow, but relentless, physical deterioration as the collagen holding my body together...


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