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5 points America could do today to decrease weapon fatalities

It's February 15, as well as our nation has actually had yet an additional institution capturing. Seventeen even more children are dead, regardless of numerous cautions that the wrongdoer was high danger. No person desired this to take place. Throughout the political range, Americans are properly asking exactly what they could do to stop...

Finishing DACA is a parody

On September 5th, 2017, the Trump management knocked the more application of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and also required its cancellation in 6 months. Challengers swiftly articulated their issues to the unfair mandate. Currently, the due date is near and also an increased necessity to act is necessary. To motivate campaigning for...

Wellness equity is the absent worth in value-based repayments

The method medical professionals and also health centers are paid is undertaking a silent and also fast change in an effort to boost and also regulate prices health and wellness results. Federal payers are driving this modification from fee-for-service repayments to compensations based upon top quality results and also dimensions of scientific procedures. This...

Having access to health care saved this patient’s life

  Now more than ever, health insurance is a staple story in the 24-hour news cycle. Opinions vary widely on the issue, as do politician’s thoughts on the matter. Debates rage, tensions grow, and deeper divides are formed as our government wrestles with this colossal dispute. Nestled at the heart of it all though is...

Stop the war against patients with intractable pain

An open letter to doctors still prescribing opioid medication when necessary: Thank you so much for standing up for us pain patients. My chronic pain comes from a genetic connective tissue disorder (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome), so there is no treatment or cure for my slow, but relentless, physical deterioration as the collagen holding my body together...

Every medical student needs to hear patient and caregiver stories

At the 8th Annual Patient Experience Summit, Adrienne Boissy, MD, MA, Chief Experience Officer at Cleveland Clinic Health System, encouraged conference attendees to “dream bigger.” So here goes.  It’s time for you to invite patients to speak to promising young doctors during their time at your respective schools. You need to invite patients for regularly...

Why this physician doesn’t prescribe pain medications

It may seem strange that a gastroenterologist like me does not prescribe pain medicines. Let me rephrase that. I don’t prescribe opioids or narcotics. I write prescriptions for so few controlled substances that I do not even know my own DEA number. You might think that a gastroenterologist who cares for thousands of patients with...

Are patients really the problem?

"Doctors are not the problem. Patients are." Anyone who has ever thought the above statement is true has not tapped into the vast well of knowledge and intellect found in their own patients. Training patients to be better patients brings the joy of medicine back into your practice. All of us, at one time or another,...

Explore the behavioral factors behind antibiotic misuse

None of us wants to live in a world without access to lifesaving antibiotics. No patient should be subject to an allergic reaction or organ dysfunction from these drugs. No one wants to contract a potentially deadly form of diarrhea, claiming roughly 30,000 lives a year in the U.S., that can take hold after antibiotics wipe...

Forget what you’ve heard. Direct primary care is here to stay.

Much has been written in recent weeks about the failure of direct primary care giant and pioneer Qliance. Much of the conversation has examined the reasons for their closing and the negative impact it will have on the direct primary care movement. Questions have been raised about the longevity of the movement, with many...


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