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Mental Health

Olga Runciman: Compassionate Psychotherapy – Mad In America

How is psychotherapy different when the therapist is also a survivor? What vital lessons must therapists learn from people who have experienced psychosis? If therapy is an imbalance of power between therapist and patient, how can therapists avoid the misuse of power and protect clients from harm? Olga Runciman, voice hearer, psychiatric nurse in locked...

Mental Health Curriculum Makes a Difference

Mental Health Curriculum Makes a Difference RESULTS ARE IN FOR WEST VIRGINIA STUDENTS Results from a West Virginia school (May, 2017) show that 40% more second graders participating in the pilot Mental Health Curriculum, Making Sense of Me, know how to get hope back when they feel hopeless over those students who did not participate.   With...

Moving on from things that have ‘defined’ you – Dearest Someone,

I’ve been having a funny time lately in terms of knowing how I feel, I’ve been feeling stuck. Stuck is the easiest way to describe it, the easiest way to articulate a mixture of confusion, frustration, anger and exasperation toward myself, toward how I’ve ‘coped’ or ‘dealt’ with things. Things meaning my reaction to...


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