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Chronic pain

2 stories of how physicians dealt with burnout

We’ve been talking to doctors all around the world, and the mood is consistent. Physicians are frustrated and suffering from burn out because the old model of practicing medicine is no longer meeting their needs. From decreased compensation to desire to spend more time with our families to the combination of loss of autonomy...

The stupidity epidemic is far more lethal than the opioid epidemic

Substance abuse and overdose deaths are nothing new. People who use opioids are dying, and they will keep dying until we learn how to fix our bigger problem: the “stupidity epidemic.” We see and hear about the opioid epidemic every single day in the media, but no one is talking about the epidemic of...

We need to talk about mental illness in the medical field

It wasn’t until I was six months into my second depressive episode that I discovered depression existed. I didn’t know it was a real disease. I didn’t know that my grandmother got electroconvulsive “shock” therapy in the 1950s. I only knew something was terribly wrong when I sat crying for 20 minutes in...

Being Latina, a physician, a mother and a runner: by the numbers

To a runner, numbers are everything. It’s data. It’s workouts. It’s goals. It’s pace. It’s winning or losing. To a physician, numbers are everything as well. Before you get into medical school, numbers are your schedule, your GPA and your MCAT. In medical school, numbers are your grades, your board scores and your rank...

Impairments vs. diseases in the aging process

Part of a series. Beginning at about age 40, our bodies begin a process of organ and functional decay of about 1 percent per year. Bone mineral density decline leads eventually to osteoporosis and fracture risk, cognition decline leads to memory and thinking impairments, and muscle decline leads to loss of strength while increasing the...

Why are doctors leaving private practice?

In the U.S., approximately 30 percent of physicians work in practices that they own. This number has been dwindling down over recent years. Perhaps more surprising, the number of women doctors who are self-employed are a mere 18 percent. Many hospitals and other corporate entities are actively looking to purchase the remaining practices. It is...

Lost in America: Reflections on homelessness and societal marginalization

Humanity often exists as a bell curve which cuts off and marginalizes its own tail. We judge individuals at the end of a spectrum rather than recognizing them as products of deeply rooted systemic failures within a society. In all cultures, both ancient and modern, humans have created scapegoats — individuals designated to “take...

Cancer patients can’t afford care

Lost in the debate on “Trumpcare” versus “Obamacare” is the proper consideration of the factors driving increasing health care costs. In cancer, the pharmaceutical industry plays a major role setting drug prices that exceed reasonable returns on research and development. The economics of treatment were again apparent during the plenary session of the...

Here’s what it’s really like when your spouse is a doctor

June 30 is a date that those in the medical world know well; it’s the official end of the medical training calendar year. July 1 represents new beginnings: beginning of the academic year, an internship, a residency, or a fellowship. This year was our tenth and final passing through the medical new year. Looking...

Against medical advice: When patients and doctors defy expectations

Mr. B. was ready to leave. A short, stocky Boston construction worker with an even shorter temper and a tough attitude, he was not going to stay in the hospital one minute longer than needed. Mr. B.’s life had taken a turn for the worse recently: He was going through a divorce, had lost his...


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