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Chronic pain

A new workplace brings a new perspective

I enter the corridor of my new workplace. I’m welcomed and introduced all around. For some reason, best known to her, the human resource lady took so much of my time that I am already pissed and looking angry. I don’t feel comfortable in this different setup, and I miss my old workplace....

A strategy for working in the ER: Serenity now, insanity later

When I meet a new person, and they find out I am a pediatric ER doctor, the most common response is a variation of: “Oh, that must be hard,” accompanied by a sympathetic frown. The statement is well-intentioned, but I wonder — is their view of medicine closer to "Grey’s Anatomy" or "Scrubs?" (Hint:...

Don’t let guidelines guide your curiosity

Albert Einstein once said, “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” No matter how advanced our artificial intelligence is and continues to evolve, it lacks the reproducibility of the powerful human instinct, sense of curiosity and constant questioning; especially when resulting in that “wow” moment of...

How can we solve the rural clinician shortage?

I was recently at a meeting where some very influential physicians were discussing a question that I’ve been thinking about for a while: how do we find medical staff for rural emergency rooms and hospitals? It’s a tough question, because, increasingly, it seems that young physicians are trained to work in urban hospitals....

Social norms are not the norm in the ER

Social norms are not the norm in the ER. Things that are regarded as gross in the real world are an everyday occurrence. Our ER especially lived in a special universe where all social graces were stripped away, and the rawness of humanity is what remained. I begin my night shift. I hadn't taken...

The demise of the physicians’ lounge is symbolic of the decline of the profession

I recently read an article about how the physicians’ lounge, which was once present in every hospital and an important congregating area for doctors during the day, is now mostly a thing of the past. Although the article was not a new one, it peaked my interest because I’ve witnessed the demise of the physicians’...

An episode of racism in medical school. Did it affect her care years later?

The young woman was curled up in a ball. She was sweating and shivering from pain. As she answered my questions — all my many, many questions — tears fell silently from her eyes. I was a third-year medical student, and the resident I was working with had asked me to evaluate this woman....

Physicians should not be gender police

This past spring, I sat in a lecture hall at the Warren Alpert Medical School at the third annual Transgender Conference. A graduate of the Brown family medicine program, Alexis Drutchas, MD was the co-founder. I remember interviewing for residency and asking her what she was working on; she casually mentioned that she...

This is the key to becoming a great leader

I have spent the last year doing a deep dive into my personal leadership style. I've done this for self-improvement and because some great leaders and mentors have challenged me to take a look at my skills. I’ve read countless blogs and books on leadership, specifically women leaders, and how they have succeeded...

Do physician rating sites deserve a black box warning?

When a drug is especially dangerous, or even potentially-maybe-especially dangerous, the FDA requires manufacturers to put a black box warning on the product insert. A black box warning is supposed to very explicitly say “buyer beware," more than just the typical list of potential side effects mumbled by Mr. TalkFast at the end...


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